Monday, 11 April 2011

Just Because I Don't Want You, Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Want Me

I do not want to get together with the Boy Wonder.  Or back together.  Or whatever the hell we were.

I honestly don't.  So why, dear reader, am I so obsessed with whether he is dating / seeing / shagging / screwing around somebody new?  Explain that to me.

And further more .... please somebody explain the logic of me yet again ending up inappropriately curled up on his sofa with him on Friday night for hours on end, and not entirely sure whether I wanted something to happen or not.  It didn't, and that is most definitely a good thing.  Refer to the first sentence of this post for my sentiments on that.  But I still had (and have) decidedly mixed feelings about the fact that he wasn't bothered either. 

Dearest Ego:  please sort yourself out - you're causing me confusion.

Kind regards

Your Brain.